Get Paid To Be An Online Friend In 2022 (It’s A Lot Harder Than You Think!)

One of the most unique ways you can earn money is by being a virtual friend, which you can earn as much as $50/hour or more! Learn how you can be one yourself!

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This is NOT a drill. 

Yes, you can get paid to be an online friend as crazy as it may sound, and you can actually make a pretty decent income by…chatting with strangers.

If I knew it was possible a long time ago, I would’ve spent a lot more time on these platforms than Omegle, but here we are many years into the future, where anything is possible.

I know, you must have a lot of questions, and today I’m going to answer them to the best of my abilities. 

By the end of this article, you’ll learn…

  • Why do people pay for this service
  • Where can you sell your services
  • How do you start 
  • How much can you earn
  • What I would do to turn this into a full-time income

Today is going to be an interesting topic, so let’s get right to it!

Who Actually Pays You For Being An Online Friend?

You might be surprised by how many people are in need of a virtual friend.

Websites are picking up on the demand, and the online friend community is steadily growing.

As a matter of fact, you’re helping your clients connect and communicate with you socially. You know what they say, there’s nothing like a human companion.

With everyone getting sucked into the online world vortex, and the rising trend of living in the Metaverse, people are in need of a human friend more than ever.

There are also people with mental and physical problems, which prevents them from meeting others in person. And having someone to talk to online, makes them a little more connected.

Note: There are no sexual activities involved in these platforms. They’re not an escort website nor are they a dating website. 

What’s A Virtual Friend?

Do you have any friends that you met online, whether it may be through social media, work, or a game? Well, that’s a virtual friend. Someone you haven’t met in real life.

Virtual friendships are now normalized. We’re now connected to the rest of the world more than we’ve ever been.

Most of the people I talk to on a regular basis are what you could call virtual friends because of the nature of my work and lifestyle. 

The only difference with being a virtual friend on certain platforms is that…you actually get paid for it.

Aside from being an online friend, I’d like to share MY favorite method on how anyone can earn an extra $200/week (or more) WITHOUT doing the work. I call it Dropservicing, where we resell services instead of products!

Here’s how YOU can do it:

1.) Message local business owners/online business owners with this script

“Hi, My name is (your name)! I’m working with a team that specializes in graphic design. I’ve noticed you haven’t been posting on social media for any recent promos/events. I’d like to help you out with that. Let me know if you’re planning to have Valentine’s sale in the next week, and I’ll make something for you.”

Obviously, you can change the script and tweak it to fit your client and the event.

2.) Go to Fiverr and look for talented Freelancers who can do it for cheap

The freelancer I recommend for graphic design is this seller right here who has almost 400 positive reviews, and you can buy his services for only $5! If you don’t have a Fiverr account yet, you can sign-up using this link.

3.) Resell your service at a higher price

You can charge your service for twice the amount or more. A lot of freelancers do this to make an extra few hundred dollars, and this is how most agency owners start their businesses.

4.) Keep sending messages

In the beginning, you’re going to need a lot of patience and persistence. However, the method above costs you no money at all to start. It’ll only require effort when you’re just starting.

But if you want to take things seriously, enroll in a course to maximize your efforts. I recommend buying Colleen’s course for social media marketing (it’s only $26 for the full course).

ADDITIONAL TIP: If you want to sell to BIG companies and earn triple the profits, use Fiverr Business. You can create an account right here. It’s a business-tier marketplace for freelancers.

Websites Where You Can Get Paid To Be An Online Friend In 2022


FriendPC is a little different from the ones you can find on the list. The website keeps the categories simple with only four options to choose from. 

What separates this website from the other ones is the Virtual Girlfriend category. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with being an online girlfriend, you can choose from the other three.  Keep in mind you don’t have to do anything you don’t like.

It seems a lot of users visit the site for life coaching, whether it may be in love or in health. 

An example would be the seller below whose service is dedicated to helping people quit smoking. 

If you feel like there’s anything you have experience in, such as getting over a break-up, quitting an addiction, building good habits, or even being one hell of a gamer, you can earn on FriendPC.

What Does The Pay Look Like?

You can charge as little as $5/hour to $250/hour (or more, really). Here’s how much people are charging on average per category:

CategoryAverage Rate Hourly
Life Coach$10 – $250
Virtual Friend$15 – $50
Virtual Gamer$15 – $25
Virtual Girlfriend$15 – $100

What I Like About FriendPC

  • Clean and user-friendly interface 
  • Showcases Featured Friends on the homepage (most websites don’t)
  • Has an active forum where you can reach out to people 

My Take: I can see myself offering life coaching!

Or just lending a listening ear. If you somehow fought your own demons in the past and want to guide people to fight theirs, FriendPC is such a great platform to connect. 

Sometimes what people need is a companion, an outlet. Just spending time and playing a game can go a long way.

Also, the forum is a really great way to get noticed by potential clients. You can showcase your personality, spark an interesting topic, or talk about relevant interests. 


Fiverr is a really massive marketplace where you can just sell about anything, including virtual friendships. 

And as you can see by the number of reviews and ratings these sellers have, there are a lot of people who are looking for someone to listen to them. 

As virtual friends on Fiverr, clients just want someone who can listen to them without being judged and give insightful responses to their situation. 

However, since it is Fiverr, you can offer other services, too, such as being a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend, a gamer friend, virtual workout buddy, and well, anything you can think of!

What Does The Pay Look Like?

Sellers start their prices at $25 to $30/hour. 

What makes Fiverr fun is that you can make your own packages, so you can provide more value to your customers, which encourages repeat buyers. 

Here’s an example of what one seller’s package looks like:

Basic StandardPremium
Description30 minutes 60 minutes with an action plan120 minutes of in-depth conversation 

What I Like About Fiverr

  • You can literally offer any friendship services, including writing a poem for them, listening, or giving them an advice 
  • Make your own friendship packages
  • Plenty of buyers visit Fiverr more than the other sites, so if you have anything else to offer, list them on the marketplace!

My Take: I’d buy the services!

What makes Fiverr different is that it’s designed in a way to keep buyers engaged and interested. 

The platform allows you to express your personality through a video banner so that people know what to expect when they purchase your services.

Again, Fiverr is a well-known digital service marketplace all around the world, meaning you have a higher chance of attracting clients to your profile. 

Rent A Friend

While you can certainly just be an online friend and keep it that way, most users on Rent A Friend are looking for a buddy to do physical activities with, whether it may be shopping, coffee, or going to the movies.

On the website, you can see how people are using Rent A Friend. 

Rent a Friend was initially created for tourists and movers to connect with people, which is why being a city guide is often a common theme.

What Does The Pay Look Like?

You can earn as much as $50/hour. Of course, you can change your rate accordingly. The minimum hourly rate is $10/hour.

Receive Monthly Tips To Increase your Income

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s completely free (for now) 🤫

What I like About Rent A Friend

  • You keep 100% of your earnings. The website does not take a commission.
  • Users who’ll contact you are paying customers (no time wasters!)

My Take: I can see myself on the website

I think Rent A Friend is a really great website for people who know their city and surrounding areas well. As someone who likes to visit unfamiliar places, I wouldn’t mind renting a friend to show me around. 

With that said, I also wouldn’t mind offering my friendship services to people who may need a companion. It’s a win-win! It’s safe to say that I’m both a buyer and a seller.

Rent a Cyber Friend

If you don’t want to physically meet other people, Rent A Cyber Friend may be a better option. 

People go to this website to find like-minded individuals to whom they can connect, so yeah, it’s like being a penpal to someone. Except you’re getting paid by the minute. 

Essentially, the more hobbies or things of interest you have, the more people will find you. 

There may be people who are looking for a listening ear where they can rant their problems away, you’re much like an unlicensed therapist. 

They may want to pick your brain on a subject of interest. Or may need assistance with weight loss and muscle building. 

Being a Cyber Friend means you must be comfortable talking to them via video calls (it’s one of the website’s requirements). 

What does the pay look like?

You charge by the minute, starting from $.10/minute and onwards. There are some sellers who charge as much as $5/minute or $300/hour. 

You can set the rate, depending on your expertise on the topic. 

If you feel like you have a lot more to offer in certain topics, then you can charge more. Some users use this platform to upsell their digital products, such as a cookbook or a workout plan.

So you can teach, lead them to your own website to learn more, and start building your brand. If you don’t know how blogging works, read my article on how you can get started with amateur blogging

I talk about how much you can potentially earn, how to earn that much, and how to set realistic expectations.

What I Like About Rent A Cyber Friend

  • Easy to use, quick to navigate for users to find you 
  • Pays by the minute, and you’re free to set how much you charge 
  • A really good place to start selling digital products

My Take: I’d love to share my interests!

Rent A Cyber Friend is fun and convenient! I think it’s nice that the website allows you to virtually choose any relevant keyword that fits your interests.

If you’re at a stage in your life where you want to start selling your digital products or building your brand, the website is a great platform to put the word out there.

I want you to keep in mind your interests can be anything, regardless of how unpopular or how off the wall it is. That’s what people are looking for. 

Rent A Local Friend

If you like touring people around the city, you’re going to love Rent A Local Friend. The website is mainly used by tourists, which makes sense because it’s promoted by TripAdvisor. 

For locals who have extra time to kill and know some pretty sweet spots in the city, share it with travelers and get paid by the hour. 

If being a tourist is not your thing, then relax. You can just stick to being a virtual friend instead. Buyers on Rent A Friend want to connect with the locals to know more about the culture.

As an online friend, you can give them a virtual tour around the city, teach them how to cook traditional recipes, or just talk about your culture. 

What Does The Pay Look Like?

You can charge as much as you want. Normally, users charge $50/hour to $200/hour. It depends on how much you can provide to the buyer. 

Some users who live in popular tourist destinations earn a steady flow of income. You can make up to $500 a day in a peak season.

What I Like About Rent A Local Friend

  • Travel and cultural-focused, it’s a valuable website for curious minds and travelers
  • Natives can earn as much as they want by teaching tourists their traditions 
  • You can share a portion of your culture with people from across the globe

My Take: Knowing the ins and outs of your city has its perks!

Seeing that most clients who visit the site are looking for someone who can teach them about the local’s culture, this website pays if you know a lot about your city’s history. 

There may be certain traditions, food recipes, cultural dances, and practices that only a local would know best. 

So, if you want to share what you know, this just might be a lucrative source of income for you.

How To Maximize Your Income To $500/Day or MORE! ( What I Would Do)

Turning this into a full-time income may be challenging, but it’s certainly possible. 

  1. I would list down all the things that I’m interested in or have experience in, like…
  • Strength building 
  • Anime and gaming 
  • Touring and adventure

I would find a reasonable price for my service, depending on how much value I can deliver to my potential buyer.

In this case, I would charge a little more for strength building than being a listener, simply because creating a custom-workout plan for that person requires more research and effort to do. 

Hypothetically, let’s build a pricing plan for my services. 

CategoryHypothetical Pricing
Strength Building$30/hour
Touring and Adventure $25/hour
Anime and gaming $10/hour

I’m charging only $10/hour for anime and gaming because it doesn’t really feel like work for me. 

I would enjoy talking about the things I like with someone else and getting paid for it for sure, but I wouldn’t want to overcharge my services. 

As for touring and adventure, well, I like meeting up physically and showing tourists around the city. 

It does take some effort as I have to list down all the hidden gems in the area, introduce them to locals, and accompany them during their stay that’s why I would charge more.

Nonetheless, I still consider it fun, and it isn’t as technical as creating a strength-building plan.

  1. I’d apply to every site listed here

The more accounts you have, the more chances you have of winning. The website only requires you to be 18 years and above to become a seller, and there’s no exclusivity. 

In your bio, it’s really important to showcase how fun of a companion you can be and highlight what you can offer as a friend. 

If you know you have a fun and charming personality, make sure to creatively integrate that in your description. Or list down what value you can provide. 

  1. Sell digital courses or products

When a person comes to you for life coaching, they are likely to purchase your digital courses on personal development or self-help e-Books. This is especially the case when they find you magnetic. 

Think of a digital product that you can provide. It can be a 30-day home workout plan or a game tutorial on how to retrieve rare items. 

  1. Broaden my skill sets

I would invest in courses, get certificates, engage in anything that’ll help me become a more valuable friend to my clients. 

Let’s say, I get paid by giving tours, I’d become an official travel agent, find more discreet treasures within the local area, and contract someone to drive for us, so the ride is already taken care of.

  1. A cut above the rest

People stay because of your personality, value, and willingness to go above and beyond to become a quality friend. 

I would treat my virtual friend like I would to my immediate circle of friends. 

They know when they are being taken for granted, being played, and uncared for, so this job is only for individuals who are genuine about others and want to provide the best possible experience.

Is Getting Paid To Be An Online Friend Worth It?

By all means, yes, it’s worth it! 

It takes a lot for a person to care for someone who’s going through a tough time. There may be some who still find this a little odd, but rest assured, they need people like you to help them. 

Overall, I believe it pays to be a friend, and in this case, quite literally. 🙂 


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