How To Join Quotex Referral Program And Earn Money

Today, we delve into the world of affiliate marketing with the Quotex Referral Program, an innovative online trading platform that offers binary options, crypto trading, and more. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive walkthrough on how you can make money by promoting Quotex as an affiliate.

Overview of Quotex

Quotex is a well-established trading platform catering to over 9 million satisfied traders worldwide. With a focus on binary options, digital assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more, Quotex distinguishes itself by offering a diverse range of assets, an intuitive one-click trading interface, and convenient banking options. The platform attracts a significant number of traders each month, presenting a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to profit. This way the Quotex Referral Program can be very lucrative for affiliate marketing earnings.

Quotex Referral Program

Joining the Quotex affiliate program is free and straightforward. Upon registration, you receive a unique referral link to drive new traders to Quotex. As these Quotex Referral Program traders make deposits and trades on the platform, you earn commissions. Quotex rewards affiliates based on the activity generated by their referrals, with the potential for substantial passive income.

Program Benefits and Features

Quotex’s affiliate program offers various perks, including the flexibility to choose between revenue share or turnover commission models. Affiliates progress through seven tiers, with commission rates ranging from 50% to up to 80%. You can promote Quotex through websites, blogs, financial sites, and more. The platform also provides easy monitoring and withdrawals of earnings through the affiliate dashboard.

Getting Started as a Quotex Affiliate

To become a Quotex partner, visit and complete the signup process. Once registered, you gain access to the affiliate dashboard, where you can manage your referral link, track traffic and commissions in real-time, and withdraw earnings upon reaching the minimum threshold. Connecting a Perfect Money wallet for fast payouts is recommended, with a requirement of referring at least ten traders who make a first deposit before withdrawal.

Promotional Strategies

Affiliates have the freedom to promote Quotex through various channels, including website banners, blog posts, social media (excluding Facebook or Instagram ads), paid ads, email lists, and more. Targeting audiences interested in trading, investing, or financial topics can maximize conversion rates. Leveraging high-intent placements like financial sites and trading forums, creating tutorials, offering limited-time deals, and consistently using referral links in promotional content can boost referral traffic and commissions.



Becoming a Quotex affiliate presents a promising opportunity to earn passive income through effective promotion strategies. By capitalizing on Quotex’s diverse assets, competitive commissions, and user-friendly platform, affiliates can unlock their earning potential in the world of online trading. Start your affiliate journey with Cortex today and embark on a path to financial success.

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