25 Quick Ways To Get Paid To Chat & Flirt – $35/Hour In 2022

If you like talking to people, I'll teach you how you can monetize your listening ear. In the article, I talked about how you can earn up to $35/hour or more by chatting with peeps from the internet!

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You can find a lot of ways to monetize yourself on the internet, such as how you can get paid to chat. Today, there are people whose full-time job is to literally just chat with people. 

So, if you don’t mind spending a few hours a day chatting with peeps of the internet, you’ll find a lot of gold nuggets from this article. 

Growing up in an era where socializing is done on the internet, I wished I knew this sooner. I would’ve spent less time on OurWorld when I was in my teens.

But I’ll be your bearer of good news. In this article, you’ll learn about…

  • Why do people pay to talk to strangers
  • How do you find these people
  • How much can you expect to earn as a beginner 

I’ll split this into two categories: To Flirt and To Chat.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, I’d like to share my favorite way of earning online and it’s through Dropservicing. It’s like dropshipping, but what you resell are services. Here’s how you can do it:

1.) Message local business owners/online business owners with this script

“Hi, My name is (your name)! I’m working with a team that specializes in graphic design. I’ve noticed you haven’t been posting on social media for any recent promos/events. I’d like to help you out with that. Let me know if you’re planning to have Valentine’s sale in the next week, and I’ll make something for you.”

Obviously, you can change the script and tweak it to fit your client and the event.

2.) Go to Fiverr and look for talented Freelancers who can do it for cheap

The freelancer I recommend for graphic design is this seller right here who has almost 400 positive reviews, and you can buy his services for only $5! If you don’t have a Fiverr account yet, you can sign-up using this link.

3.) Resell your service at a higher price

You can charge your service for twice the amount or more. A lot of freelancers do this to make an extra few hundred dollars, and this is how most agency owners start their businesses.

4.) Keep sending messages

In the beginning, you’re going to need a lot of patience and persistence. However, the method above costs you no money at all to start. It’ll only require effort when you’re just starting.

But if you want to take things seriously, enroll in a course to maximize your efforts. I recommend buying Colleen’s course for social media marketing (it’s only $26 for the full course).

ADDITIONAL TIP: If you want to sell to BIG companies and earn triple the profits, use Fiverr Business. You can create an account right here. It’s a business-tier marketplace for freelancers.

Websites That Pays You To Flirt with Lonely People


Text 121 Chat has an adult phone operative opening for applicants who are lively and bubbly. The company offers flexible working hours and the rates are pretty good. 

You’ll have to send 1,000 texts/month or 33 text messages per day. The task is pretty doable, especially if you have a lot of stored extroverted energy in you.

Earning money for socializing? It’s a total win!

If you’re interested in applying for another similar role, they’re also looking for text chat operators and customer service agents. 

As for earnings, you earn $0.07 for every message you send, making it an easy $700/month. 

Also, the company provides training, which makes it easier for you to find qualifications for other side-hustles with the experience. You can check out my article on the best under-the-table jobs for 2022.


You know, I like FlirtBucks’s line…

To earn an income, you just need to do these three things…

  • Above 18 years old 
  • Strong internet connection 
  • Pleasing personality

This means if you know how to turn your charm on when it counts, that’ll be a fun earning experience for you. What’s more, it has a flexible time schedule as well. 

For someone who’s just starting, you earn $0.10/minute for chatting and $0.40/minute for video calls. You can claim your income once every two weeks via Paypal or cheque.

If you treat this as a full-time job, you can potentially earn $960/month from this hustle, which is not bad, especially if you’re looking to earn right away.


Well, it’s another way of spelling friendly for sure. It’s a large platform where people can earn money through chats and video calls. 

You communicate with strangers all around the globe without giving out your personal details, which is nice. If you want to keep your identity discreet, this is a good website to start. 

When you’re just starting out, the site gives you free credits, which you can use to converse and attract potential clients. 

Men who start the convo pay you in sips, it’s the currency they use on the website. One drink is equivalent to 20 sips, which is between six to eight minutes. 

Per the message you respond, you’ll earn $0.35. You can make more money through audio and video calls if you’re comfortable enough. 

The client pays $10 for every call he makes at eight minutes long. You keep 70% of the earnings while the company keeps 30%.

Another means of earning is through virtual gifts, which are between $5 to $100. What I like about these virtual gifts is that this is where you can earn the most, and you get to keep 90% of the value!

Chat Recruit

You can get paid by chatting with men online. It’s a UK-based company that pays you $2 per minute spent chatting with clients. 

If you spend an hour per day chatting with men that’s an easy $120, which means you get paid more than the other ones on the list. 

You choose when you want to get paid, whether it may be weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly pay. You just need a smartphone to start and a PC with a good camera. 

There is a downside to Chat Recruit. It’s only available to a number of countries, so if it’s not available in your area, find another site you like in the article.

More Ways To Make Money Today:


I’ve talked about RentAFriend in my previous article. Aside from getting paid to be a virtual friend, you can also get paid to chat with them.

Most of the people you find on the website are looking for someone to talk to about specific topics, depending on what your interests are. 

But if you don’t mind meeting up with people in person, you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to network and engage with clients from different cultures. 

Here are some of the activities you can participate in: 

The other sites I’ve mentioned here are leaning towards the romance/flirting category, but RentAFriend is an excellent website if you’re looking for something platonic. 

You earn from $15 to $50/hour. It’s all up to you how much you charge. 


You’ll receive messages from men on the website, and you get to choose how much you charge per message.

As soon as you have your account, all you have to do is upload photos, and wait for them to message you. 

If you want to earn more, you can host live shows and chat and text with them regularly. If you don’t mind sharing your videos, then you’re free to do so. 

Adult Chat Jobs

You get paid decently at $300/month – well, more or less. Depending on your free time. The website does have a minimum of messages a week you have to hit and other general requirements. 

Your identity is safe and sound when you’re using the platform. When you’re working, you can create a persona that you can play along with. 

However, if you’re not from the UK and you don’t have a UK bank, then this site isn’t for you.


FriendPC is just like RentAFriend, but it focuses more on the virtual aspect than the meet-ups. You can choose what kind of virtual service you want to offer, whether you’re open to flirting or if you want a completely platonic relationship.

And for the gaming peeps out there, good news! You can now get paid to play games with someone.

There are also plenty of people who are looking for life coaches. If you have a lot of advice to give or have a listening ear you can lend, this is a great gig for you.

You’re free to set your hourly rate. It can be as low as $1 or as high as $200. Honestly, it just depends on you. On average, sellers charge a decent rate of $15/hour.

Lip Service

Lip Service is much like Fiverr that only specializes in chats. If you can provide quality conversation to people, then they’ll connect you to chat agencies. 

You can earn $18/hour, more or less. Currently, they’re only accepting applicants from the U.S. and Canada. 

There are some agencies that require you to be at least 18 – 21 years old and above. 


As someone who loves using Fiverr for all of my needs, the sellers never fail to amaze me. There are dozens of Fiverr sellers who are making a decent income by lending an ear. 

You can charge your service at $5 or more. Life coaches charge over $35 for 30 minutes of conversation. Meanwhile, friendship services are around $10-$15. 


It shares the same concept as FriendPC where you get paid by clients to share your time with them. 

Most of them are looking for an interesting friend to talk to, so if you have plenty of mind-bending topics to discuss, they’ll love it. 

You can also offer tutorial services on the platform, such as how to bake, how to speak in public, or even give them conversational practice to boost their confidence.

You’re free to set your hourly rate from $15 to $50. However, you can only withdraw your funds when it reaches $75. 

More Ways To Make Extra $$$:


Arousr is an app with a pretty clean user interface. It somewhat reminds me of Tinder with the difference that you get paid per message sent.

You get paid through adult chats or video calls. To get started is easy, all you need to do is download the app, sign-up, and wait for people to message you. 

The app gives users 100 credits for free just so they can get their feet wet. First ten messages for a new user are free, but they have to pay you afterward. 

The first ten message strategy is effective as it gives you the opportunity to get the client hooked. You’ll receive a rate of $0.15/message and you’ll earn $0.5/minute on a voice call. 

For video calls, you can get paid way more. You set the rate on how much you charge per minute, but keep in mind that the company keeps 40% off of it. 

To earn extra cash, you can sell pics and videos to your fans as well.


If you’re not much of a call or video call kind of person, you’re going to love Texkings. The company offers sexting services to their clients. 

At work, your personal identity is safe. They also provide extensive training before you begin. They have a requirement for the applicants to at least have a 25 WPM typing speed, which is reasonable. 

Another requirement is that you should be fluent in English. As for your earnings, you can get paid $500/month, but you can definitely earn more. 

If you don’t mind communicating with clients via phone calls, then your earnings will increase as well.

Websites That Pay You To Chat

Amazon Chat Support Representative

If you’re looking for a company that is full of job vacancies, Amazon chat support is the way to go. This is a great opportunity for people who are looking to gain experience.

Most of the positions offered by Amazon are part-time gigs, and they normally mass hire during special Holidays, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You earn around $12.28/hour, but you can earn more depending on your skills and experience. There are also full-time openings in case you’re looking for something more stable.

The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is a perfect place if you’re planning to work on your customer care agent career for the long term. As you can see, The Chat Shop employees are pretty happy with their experience (some of them have been around for over 25 years!).

What I like about the site is that it offers jobs for all kinds of niches, so you can choose to work on a niche you’re most comfortable with. 

For beginners, you get paid $10/hour. It increases as you gain experience, but you do have to clock in 40 hours a week.

You’ll get paid directly to your PayPal account. So, if you don’t have any solid experience yet, and you’re looking to get hired asap, apply to The Chat Shop.


Another stable option is LiveWorld. It does need you to pick up the pace and become adept at multitasking, but there’s nothing like experience and a bit of training can’t fix.

The task includes customer service care and social media management. You may have to engage with users on Facebook and other mediums. 

You also need to have good grammar with a fast typing speed. When you meet all of their requirements, the company provides you with insurance and paid leaves.

Receive Monthly Tips To Increase your Income

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s completely free (for now) 🤫


If there’s any niche that you’re particularly good at out of your own interests, you’re going to earn a few bucks on JustAnswer. 

Now, you don’t need to be a doctor or a lawyer so you can earn money on the website. The questions can be as simple as how you can connect a laptop to a printer. 

If there’s a question you know the answer to you can respond to the query. To ensure quality, it’ll be reviewed by their team and select the most appropriate one. 

You can earn a minimum of $5 for easy questions up to $30 for technical questions. You won’t be able to make a full-time income out of it, but it’s good pizza money. Plus, it’s fun!


You’ll act as a therapist to people who have anxiety and depression. You will be providing mental support. As a health coach, you do need to have relevant degrees and credentials for the type of work.

You earn $20/hour for the job. You’ll be communicating with clients through text, audio calls, or video calls. 

Working Solutions

You can work from home as an independent contractor, meaning you decide on how many hours you’re willing to put in. 

The job is to help businesses by being a customer care representative. You’ll answer questions through chat or call. One of the benefits of Working Solutions is that they value their employee’s work-life balance. 

It’s an established company that has helped hundreds of people to work from home. You can earn $7 to $30/hour, depending on the account you’re handling.

I do want to mention that they require previous experience before they bring you on board, so I suggest applying to other companies on the list, like Amazon’s chat support first if you don’t have any experience.


Fibler is similar to JustAnswer, but instead, clients go to your profile to seek advice and answers. If you are an expert in any given field, you’ll have your niche on Fibler.

This works well for doctors, lawyers, life coaches, influencers, creators, professional video editors, chefs, etc. 

Your profile will look like something above. You get to set how much your rate is, anywhere from $1 to $9/minute for audio calls. Of course, you can charge more for video calls (up to $15). For chats, you’ll earn $1 to $3. 


You’ll have to download the application to get started. This is quite similar to Fibler where people will contact you to ask questions about your expertise.

Again, you don’t need to be a doctor or a lawyer to qualify for Hummr. As long as you’re an expert in your field of interest, that’s good enough.

You can tutor people on how to code, write, speak, or cook. Or they might need an expert’s opinion on their project. You’re free to choose however you want to contact them, whether through chat or video call.


Premium Chat is a great medium if you already have built a following, whether it may be on TikTok or any other social media platform. 

People can reach out to you to ask for advice or consultation. You can set-up how much you want to charge as well as your method of communication. 

Influencers, coaches, content creators, and artists use this platform to help people who need assistance with their situation while giving value to their time.

Join Papa

Join Papa is a wholesome, heart-warming website that matches you to seniors who need people to keep the company. 

I do want to note that Join Papa is leaning towards more of your physical presence than digital, so if you’re passionate about helping the elderly with their day-to-day, this will be a fulfilling job for you.

You can get paid around $15/hour and you’ll also be given a car allowance. If you commit full-time to the job, you can earn up to $4,000 a month.

College Pirates

College Pirates is every college freshman’s older brother where you can communicate with senior college students and ask for advice.

It makes the transition to college easier and you’re doing the freshmen a favor by giving a head’s up on what to expect. 

You can earn $50-$80 a day by doing this part-time, which isn’t such a bad deal at all. 


You can find thousands of jobs on Upwork, ranging from chat support to customer service representatives. There are new jobs posted by the minute, so you’re free to pick the job post that fits you the most.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, clients are looking for people with different experiences and backgrounds. You can earn up to $12/hour or more.

Why Do People Pay To Talk To Strangers?

People pay you to chat with them because they’re looking for someone with whom they can share their sentiments. The world is becoming more and more virtual, meaning having a human connection is getting scarce. 

Some of them want to unwind and express their frustrations by chatting with people. They also need a listening ear to who they can talk to. Or someone who can give them advice. 

Of course, there are also users who are looking for professionals in a given field to help them with their tasks and research. Or someone who can help them learn a new skill through tutorials. 

How Much Do You Get Paid As A Beginner?

The rate varies. It depends on what value you can provide to the buyer. On average, people charge at least $10/hour for their services. You can increase your rate if you want to. 

Most of the platforms on the list provide flexible working hours, so you get to choose how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. 

Privacy and Security 

There are websites that don’t share your personal information with the platform users, which means you can keep what you do in private.

However,  I want to encourage you to do your own research. If there’s something you aren’t sure of, then make sure to spend enough time to look into it until you’re comfortable. If not, you can move to another gig.

Conclusion: Is It Possible To Get Paid To Chat?

Of course, it is!

The jobs and sites listed above are for people who are 18 years and above. Earning money online has never been easier, and with the options you have, I want you to only work in a job that you’re comfortable doing. 

If you want to look for more ways you can earn money online, check out our articles on side-hustles. 


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