How To Get Started With Amateur Blogging (How Much Can You Earn, Free Niches, And More!)

Amateur blogging is a great way to share, educate, inspire, and eventually earn from it. It's a long-term commitment that yields long-term rewards! We're here to help you set realistic expectations before you begin your journey!

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A laptop and a mind full of inspiring ideas are all you need to get started on amateur blogging, right?

Technically, yes. However, there’s more to it than just typing away what you feel like saying if you want people to find your posts.

After all, every writer wants their text to be read. 

Amateur blogging is when a writer starts a niche site without the goal of making blogging their full-time income source. 

However, can you actually earn money from your hobby? Yes, you can!

In fact, people are consuming more content than ever before, which means the world needs people like you to share more as well!

So, let’s get down to the gist of it. 

How Do You Know Amateur Blogging Is For You?

The fact that you’ve stumbled upon this post might be a good enough reason, but in case you need more, here are tell-tale signs that this might be your next favorite hobby.

You Simply Love Writing

Maybe you enjoyed writing as a kid, whether it may be in your diary or writing fanfiction for anonymous internet readers. 

Or maybe you were a writer in your school’s paper in high school or college and you enjoyed the experience of late-night coffee breaks to finish that one particular column before sunrise. 

Whatever it is, amateur blogging is for people who love to write just for the hell of it. 

If you’re looking for a way to express your thoughts at the end of the day without focusing too much on the short-term rewards, this is for you.

Pro Tip: If you want to start your blog, but you have a tight schedule, I recommend using Fiverr. This seller only charges $5 for a professionally-written blog post.

Dipping Your Toes In A New Industry

Starting your own blog is a great way to showcase your portfolio of write-ups to clients and start your career as a freelancer!

Most full-time bloggers started this way, too. In fact, this allows you to stand out among other freelancers, increasing your chances of getting hired!

In other words, amateur blogging allows you to:

Write and express in your free time
Use your blog as a portfolio to get clients
And eventually, start earning from your blogs as well!

So, how many pieces of content should you upload on your blog before you can start finding clients? 

It’s best to have at least three types of blog posts:

Long-Form blog posts
How-To blog posts
Round-Up blog posts

It allows clients to see different shades of your writing style. As you can see, you’re only three blog posts away from earning your first dollar with the help of amateur blogging! 🙂 

If you want to start earning as soon as possible, avoid these common mistakes amateur bloggers make

How To Find Your Niche As An Amateur Blogger

If you’re still on the page, congratulations! It means you understand that amateur blogging is for people who love to write and don’t mind putting the work in. 

Here’s how you can finally take the first steps as a beginner blogger. 

While it’s important to find a niche that you’re passionate about, it’s equally important to note that there are niches that are more difficult to rank than others. 

Examples of these niches are health and technology. Google prefers ranking blogs written or reviewed by a medical professional for health, which is why websites like Healthline are an authority. 

You can start finding your niche by listing down all the things you are passionate about. You don’t have to be an expert in the niche, but it should be something you’re interested in researching on. 

A free tool that you can use to check whether it may be a good niche or not is Google Trends

If you want to learn more about how you can use it, you can check out this useful guide. 

However, if you want to move past the research and want to get the list of profitable niches for 2022 without any hiccups, you can download it right here. 

🔥 Top 10 Niche Ideas with Great potential

Download our free list with underrated niches for your blog.

I’ve researched and pre-filtered them myself to make things easier for you. 

Once you’ve figured out your niche, then what’s next for you is to start writing! I suggest listing down the topic ideas. If you have downloaded our list, then you should have an idea of how it looks.

How Much Do Amateur Bloggers Earn? 

Well, there’s no exact number. 

But your income is proportional to the number of page views. Income School gave a pretty solid breakdown of how much you can earn in three traffic categories.

1,000 Page Views 10,000 Page Views100,000 Page Views
Adsense: $2 RPME-zoic $9 RPMAdThrive: $20 RPM
Amazon: $5Affiliate: $240Affiliate: $1,500 – $2,000
Amazon+Niche ProgramInfo Products 

Getting your first 1,000 page views doesn’t give you anything more than just pizza money, but it is worth celebrating as it means you’re working your way up to 10,000 page views. 

And honestly, earning an extra $330/month as an amateur blogger is a great trade for your time, considering it started out as a hobby.

Now that we’re starting to talk about money, how long will it actually take to get your first ten thousand page views?

How Many Posts Should I Upload?

As a new blogger, you can start uploading once or twice a week, so your range should be between 4-8 blogs a month. In six months, you’ll have 48 blogs at most or 24 blogs at the least.

However, if you have a content plan ready, you can fast track your progress, write more blogs, and spend less time writing them. 

Here’s a feasible timeline by Income School if you want to make the most out of your blogging:

2-Month Mark 6-Month Mark 12-Month Mark
30 Blog Posts60 Blog Posts100-120 Blog Posts

For a new website, it takes around 8 months for your site to reach a level of traffic where it begins to level off. 

So yes, it requires time. That’s why it’s super important for a new blogger to frontload your content in the first six months to make the most of the time. 

How Do Amateur Bloggers Earn Money?

Now that you have an idea of how much work it’s going to take before your website can start earning, let’s talk about how you can maximize the traffic that’s coming in.

Other Ways Where You Can Earn Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Blog owners earn most of their income from affiliate links. Amazon’s Associate’s Program is the go-to option for most bloggers. 

Each time you recommend a product, you’ll receive a commission for every purchase. There are other programs as well, including Etsy, eBay, and Target. 

Meaning, the 4th quarter for bloggers is a lucrative time for affiliate marketing. 

Sponsored Posts

Once you’re hitting 10,000 page views per month other blog owners will start contacting you. It’s similar to affiliate marketing, except you’ll receive the money upfront. 

If you recently started getting traffic to your site, it’s best to have a lower commission fee first as you’re still building your brand and trust. 

Digital Products 

These informational products can be e-Books, online courses, audiobooks, and other downloadable content. 

A lot of bloggers are making a fortune out of their digital products, the best example is Tim Sykes who is earning  $1,000,000 per month. 

Tim Sykes built his blogging wealth on selling a skill he was incredibly good at which is trading stocks, so his courses are sought-after by amateur and experienced traders alike.

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional to sell digital products. Let’s say, you have a list of pasta recipes that you’d like to share with everyone, you can sell an e-Book cookbook.

Or if you like doing DIY projects, you can create a course on how a total beginner can start making and selling their DIYs. 

So, Is Amateur Blogging Worthwhile?

Yes, amateur blogging is definitely worth your time. 

If writing is a passion of yours that you’ve put on the back burner a few years ago, amateur blogging is a good reason to put it on the forefront once again. 

And what makes being a niche owner so great is that you can easily turn it into a lucrative source of income with enough time and effort!

Want to start blogging? Start writing your first 10 posts! 🙂 


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